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Retail Channel Representative

International IT company is looking for a independent specialist to fill the diverse roles we offer within our Consumer Marketing team in Kiev. In this position, you will be responsible for generating demand and support sales for Intel components by supporting and executing marketing programs in dedicated local market accounts, including retail chains. As a specialist, you will be involved in a variety of communications with customers (retail chains/Small and Medium Business companies) including trainings and events, sales data analysis, product promotions setup and campaign launches. Your responsibilities will include but not be limited to:
- Organizing/customization of promotional material and collaterals, product and sales trainings content development
- Demos setup
- Organizing and executing training on new IT products, brands and promotions
- Working as a field analyst – gathering data, analyzing sales trends, monitoring the performance of sales and market
- Presenting projects, data and analysis to team members and management.
- Support product launches, activities and brand marketing

This is a long term placement. You should possess at least Bachelor's degree preferably in Computer Science and/or Marketing and have experience in sales, preferably in the retail computer industry. You must be able to travel on a monthly basis to events across Ukraine and possible trainings in Europe.
Excellent interpersonal communication skills and good written style would be an added advantage.
A successful candidate should possess an ability to organize and deliver trainings to different audiences, influence and maintain relationship with customers’ sales staff.
Writing English and fluent Russian and Ukrainian are mandatory, excellent English would be an added advantage.

Additional qualifications include:
- Computer hardware and software experience.
- Ability to work well in a diverse team environment.
- Analytical and problem solving skills, innovative thinking.
- Self starter. Ability to work independently, take responsibility and meet deadlines.
- Discipline, attention to details.
- Experience in planning and organizing events would be an added advantage.
- Proficiency in Excel* and PowerPoint*.
- Technical, analytical skills.
- Past experience on a position of channel or sales representative is a plus.

Competetive salary + expenses compensation package


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